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Shipping to: Flags West Malaysia

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About Us

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What is Wine Talk? In short, it’s a fantastic (if we do say so ourselves. Um, is this awkward?) online platform with over 3000 wine, beer and liquor labels where you can shop and have your happiness delivered to your doorstep across ALL of Malaysia. That’s right, East Malaysia, you too!

If you’re keen on the story….

Wine Talk was put together by a few insanely genius entrepreneurs with a spot in their hearts for wine and an aim to make access to wine as easy as possible. A couple of brainstorming sessions and a few glasses if vino later, Wine Talk was born in November of 2012! To make it all possible, they got a brilliant French sommelier, David Stephan who has an insane passion for all things alcohol and a penchant for organizing the team to function like a well-oiled machine. His palate is on-point, knowledge is legit and he’s pretty good with pronouncing big words like ‘Bernkasteler Kurfurstlay’ Sometimes, he talks to himself; most of the time in French so we don’t know what it’s about...

The company runs on hard work, passion and so much insanity with various personalities; and these little things is what makes Wine Talk possible. To give you an idea of the team, our Graphic Designer collects (read: plays with) Hot Wheels, our Digital team have imaginary pet unicorns and mermaids, some sit under the desk, the CMO is mad obsessed with baby feet (I know right, so weird) and our Operations Manager is secretly Johnny Bravo, and somewhere amidst all this madness, we’re all secretly looking at pictures of animals on Instagram after lunch hour. You’d think we all just love wine but some of the guys love beer and the girls have a big heart of Whisky and Gin so really, it’s an assortment of alcoholic passion that motivates us to get to the hustle hub, learn what you like, discover new strategies and plan towards the growth.

Bringing it all together, we work tirelessly to bring you a platform of the widest alcohol selection and make it possible to ensure it’s delivered to your doorstep whether you’re in swanky Mont Kiara or in the depths of Kedah. We want to say it was breezy, but we believe in honesty from this About Us page to the wines we sell so it’s tough work but when you’re happy and wine-d up, it makes it all worth it.

What in the world are Exclusive Wines?

Ah, the pride and joy of Wine Talk (aside from drinking so much wine) is our range of Exclusives that are handpicked from around the world and not available anywhere else in Malaysia. These wines are stuff we like so if we won’t drink it, we won’t sell it. They range from whites and reds to rose and bubbly's and have the best palates and sometimes quirky labels. We’re always growing this section of our company and Wine Club members get first dibs on new launches making you the FIRST in Malaysia to try them. Drink Exclusive, Be Exclusive.

Wine Club

Every customer gets special privileges and promotions but as a Wine Club member, you get a monthly or bi-monthly wine subscription expertly put together by David. If you’ve ever felt like you were less special in this world, this will put you right where you belong because not only will you have access to David’s brilliant taste and experience, but also to your own Wine Talk ambassador, year round perks, special discounts, secret event invites and of course, a birthday treat – oh yeah, it’s wine!


To begin with, we had just a handful of labels, you know, the usual startup struggle that’s small and adorable. But today, we’ve expanded (along with our waistlines) and we’re now the largest online wine store in Malaysia! Mostly, it’s thanks to wine geeks like you. With the drive to keep going at it, we’ve expanded to include craft beers, classic party-worthy beers and liquor too! We’re still growing and constantly challenging ourselves to keep the mojo going. Enough about us though, how’re you? Are you here for your liquid happiness? Let us know your thoughts, suggestions and ideas. We’re reachable on Facebook, Instagram if you want to tag us in pictures of your dogs or drop us an email at info@winetalk.com.my to you know, connect ;)


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