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Shipping to: Flags West Malaysia

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Shipping to: Flags West Malaysia
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Wine Talk Sommelier, David Stephan

Wine Talk Sommelier, David StephanMeet Our Sommelier

Born and raised in France, David Stephan’s passion and love for wines started at an early age. He has spent years of professional study in sommelier and hospitality, with internships including valuable stints in hotels and restaurants in France. David also spent years in other parts of the world to share and widen his knowledge. Armed with more than 15 years of extensive background on wines, David Stephan makes Wine Talk the best choice for a wonderful wine experience.

As General Manager and Chief Sommelier of Wine Talk, David has a significant role in ensuring that Wine Talk’s customers are always satisfied and pleased with wine selections and services.


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We are passionate about what we do and would love to assist anyone who shares the same interest in wines. If you're planning for an event, a party or have any general enquiries about wines, we're here to help. Just fill up the Contact Form below or drop us an email at  sommelier@winetalk.com.my and David will get back to you. 





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