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Ales are basically lagers Brewed at cellar temperature (rather than cold fermentation), and are fuller-bodied, with nuances of fruit or spice and a pleasantly hoppy finish; generally, they are more robust and complex with a variety of fruit and malt aromas. The ale family is rather large and have got a reputation for turning non craft believers into faithful followers.

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  1. Craft beer (9)
  2. Classic beer (3)
Beer & Cider Style
  1. Ale (3)
  2. Amber Ale (1)
  3. IPA (4)
  4. Pale Ale (1)
  5. Weissbier (1)
  6. Bitter (1)
  7. Black Ale (1)
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  1. Japan (3)
  2. USA (9)
Wine Region
  1. Colorado (3)
  2. New York (3)
  3. Oregon (3)
  1. Worthy Brewing Co. (1)
  2. Rogue Brewing Co. (1)
  3. Hop Valley Brewing Co. (1)
  4. Crazy Mountain Brewery (3)
  5. Kizakura Sake (3)
  6. Brooklyn Brewery (3)
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15 items/page