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The word Lager originates from the German word ‘lagern’ which means 'to store' – it refers to the method of storing it for a few months in near-freezing temperatures. Crisp and refreshing with a smooth finish lagers are the world's most popular beer and a favorite in many books. Facts aside, a good lager promises a sense of relief after a long day and sometimes, the cure to a bad hangover. Then again, we’re never really sure ;)

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Wine Type
  1. Craft beer (10)
Beer & Cider Style
  1. Lager (3)
  2. Pilsner (4)
  3. Amber Lager (3)
  1. Australia (4)
  2. Italy (1)
  3. New Zealand (1)
  4. USA (4)
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  1. Colorado (1)
  2. New York (3)
  1. Crazy Mountain Brewery (1)
  2. Gage Roads Brewing Co. (2)
  3. Holgate Brewhouse (2)
  4. Stoke by McCashin’s (1)
  5. Brooklyn Brewery (3)
  6. Birrificio Opera (1)
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15 items/page