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Chateau de Lavagnac Bordeaux Superieur

The harmonious balance of these grape varieties gives it a great finesse. The permanent work done in the vineyard in the purest tradition of Bordeaux produces a wine with a deep red color, a nose of ripe red fruits, slightly spicy with vanilla notes and delicate oakiness. On the palate the attack is supple with balanced tannins, fruity and very fresh. A balanced and harmonious wine.
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Domaine de la Baume Chardonnay

BOUQUET: A zest of fresh mandarins PALATE:Intense volume on the palate, this chardonnay is smooth, fresh with vanilla notes. RECOMMENDATIONS: Grilled fish, shellfish and poultry cooked in a creamy sauce.
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Yering Station Village Cabernet Sauvignon

From a great year, this classic and structured Cabernet offers great cellaring potential. The nose boasts sweet blackcurrant, mulberry, chocolate, mocha and cedary oak.
Picture of Haselgrove Protector Cabernet Sauvignon

Haselgrove Protector Cabernet Sauvignon

The Protector Story : The Celts believed Hazel to have protective powers. If you wore a badge of Hazel you would be protected from evil spirits, sea captains would wear twigs of Hazel woven in their hats to protect themselves from the wickedness of the sea. Irish Mythical Legend Finn McCool used a shield made from Hazel to protect him. Cabernet Sauvignon’s high tannin content symbolises this protection by protecting the wine during the ageing process.