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The shape, size and quality of a glass are primordial when enjoying a nice bottle and the flavours can change dramatically depending on the shape of the glass you use. You can experiment with different glasses to see the difference: taste the same wine side by side with 2 different glasses like below.

Types of wine glass shapes.

Glass A has a tulip-shape, with a wide bottom and a thinner top, in order for the wine to release aromas when swirled, and concentrate them on the top. 

Glass B have a thin bottom and a large top, which will cause the aromas not to develop at its best or even not at all for some wines.

So, when choosing a wine glasses, always go for the tulip-shape. Also avoid coloured glasses and strange design – it may look good on your dinner table setting but it may not be the best to enjoy your wines.

Thickness is also an important factor: the thinner it is, the best you will get from your wines; meanwhile it becomes tricky when it’s time to wash them! The shape also makes a difference depending on which grape varieties you are enjoying. Light aromatic grapes (like Sauvignon Blanc or Riesling) show their best in a thinner shape while grapes like Chardonnay or Pinot Noir express their best with wide open glasses.

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